Special Effect Printing

Enables you to add real value to your printing

SCODIX has to be seen and felt to appreciate that it's a great way to enhance and add real value to standard printing. Adding SCODIX to your print job adds a layered clear polymer application, enabling designers and brand owners to demand the highest quality and produce the most eye-catching designs imaginable. We are now offering a full range of standard SCODIX products.

Stock: 350 GSM Artboard • Printed 1 side Matt Lam 1 side plus SCODIX 1 side • Printed 2 sides Matt Lam 2 sides plus SCODIX 2 sides

Stock: 350 GSM Artboard • A2 Printed 1 side plus SCODIX 1 side • A2 Printed 2 sides plus SCODIX 2 sides
Stock: 170 GSM Artpaper • A2 Printed 1 side plus SCODIX 1 side • A2 Printed 2 sides plus SCODIX 2 sides

BUSINESS CARDS (55 x 90mm)
Stock: 400 GSM Artboard • Printed 1 side Matt Lam 2 sides plus SCODIX 1 side • Printed 2 sides Matt Lam 2 sides plus SCODIX 1 side • Printed 2 sides Matt Lam 2 sides plus SCODIX 2 sides

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Preparing press-ready artwork for printing can be confusing. Please use this checklist as a guide before sending your artwork, as it may help you save valuable time and avoid any unnecessary printing delays.

Artwork Specifications

When your artwork is ready, before sending we recommend you download our Print Ready Checklist. We accept Adobe PDF files with the following attributes:
. 300dpi resolution
. 2mm bleed (5mm for booklets)
. crop and bleed marks included
. fonts outlined, text no smaller than 5pt
. all colours converted to CMYK

If you are not able to convert to PDF format, please talk to our in house graphic designer.

We have a full range of templates available in a range of formats. The templates are set up to size, with bleed and trim lines, column guides, safe text zones and dielines where applicable. Read more >>

The paper stock you choose will depend on the products you’re ordering, how long you need them to last in good condition and the impact you want them to have on first impression. The two areas to look at are paper weight, and paper type.

Paper weight is measured in grams per square meter (gsm). As a guide:

80-100gsm Standard office photocopier/printer paper
120gsm Good quality letterheads
115-130gsm Cheaper flyers, commonly used for letterbox drops and high volume promotional material. Stock with a weight less than 130gsm will “show through” print to the other side
150-200gsm Good quality flyers and brochures, no show-through
200-250gsm High quality stock for flyers, posters, marketing cards, booklets and brochures. We don’t recommend folding stocks over 250gsm
300gsm+ Ideal for business cards, greeting cards, tent calendars, packaging etc. Stocks over 300gsm will need to be scored before folding

Paper types to choose from:

Laser (100gsm) Ideal for letterheads and with compliments slips
Recycled (100gsm) An excellent environmentally friendly choice, 100% recycled
Knight (120gsm) A 100% recycled, bleached high-white paper
Gloss Art (115-170gsm) Enhances graphics and photography. Ideal for flyers, posters, marketing cards, greeting cards and calendars
Matt Art (115-170gsm) Gives a smooth, clean finish. Ideal for letterheads, flyers, brochures,posters, notepads and with compliments slips
Artboard (250gsm) For high quality brochures and flyers
Bleach Board (350gsm) Pre-coated on one side. Ideal when the reverse of hte product needs to be written on e.g. postcards, greeting cards or marketing cards
High Bulk (300-400gsm) For high quality business cards, brochure covers, tent calendars and presentation folders